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2016 Toyota Sienna Lease Specials near San Jose, CA

Get Behind the Wheel of a 2016 Sienna Today!


For a minivan that provides capability for your whole family, you owe it to yourself to check out 2016 Toyota Sienna lease specials near San Jose, CA. It provides a spacious interior that holds an impressive amount of passengers and cargo alike. Best of all, it’s available today for a test drive at Fremont Toyota.

When you lease a brand-new Toyota from Fremont Toyota, there are some pros as compared to buying a new vehicle outright. For one, you’ll have access to your 2016 Sienna for 36 months as a part of a lease, and there is a mileage restriction of 36,000 miles for the duration of the lease, so it's perfect if you only need your car to go to the train station or use it for grocery shopping. However, since you’re only paying to borrow the vehicle from us, your monthly payments will be lower than if you were to purchase a new Sienna. For more information about 2016 Toyota Sienna lease specials near San Jose, CA, talk with one of our courteous and knowledgeable staff members at our dealership, or use the live chat function on our website to speak to a representative.

The 2016 Sienna offers incredible functionality to keep up with you and your kids’ hectic schedules. Behind the third-row of seats, the 2016 Sienna has 39 cubic ft. of room1 at your disposal, but if you need more space than that, the Sienna has you covered. Fold down the second- and third-rows to unlock an impressive 150 cubic ft. of space1, so you’ll never have to leave something behind. Available dual power sliding side doors open up with the push of a button on the Smart Key fob2, so unloading your kids and their friends at Independence High School has never been easier. 


To keep the little ones entertained in the back, spring for the available Dual-View Blu-ray Disc™ Entertainment Center3. With a spacious 16.4-inch display, you can either show one program in widescreen, or split the screen in half so that two programs are showing – no more arguing between kids on what to watch. In addition, the Entertainment Center3 comes with RCA jacks, two 120V AC power outlets, a remote, and a pair of wireless headphones4 to keep the cabin from getting too noisy.

What’s most important when hitting the road with your family in tow, however, is safety. The Sienna comes with eight standard air bags5, which is the most of any vehicle in its class6. For your little ones in the back, the Sienna has four LATCH locations to give you an extra measure of security for car seats; in addition, Automatic Locking Retractor seatbelts help you install child seats without needing a locking clip. To prevent collisions from happening in the first place, the Pre-Collison System7 uses radar in the front of the car to determine if and when a frontal collision is imminent. It can automatically apply the brakes and will retract front seatbelts to ensure that everyone is safe.

Come experience 2016 Toyota Sienna lease specials near San Jose, CA, at Fremont Toyota. We’re located at 5851 Cushing Parkway in Fremont, CA. We’re open seven days a week, so stop by any day to make the 2016 Sienna yours!


1. Cargo and load capacity limited by weight and distribution.

2. The Smart Key System may interfere with some pacemakers or cardiac defibrillators. If you have one of these medical devices, please talk to your doctor to see if you should deactivate this system.

3. A Blu-ray Disc™/DVD player is standard. A separate Blu-ray Disc™/DVD player or game system utilizing the center console's video/audio inputs is required in order to use the split-screen function of the Dual-View system.

4. Headphones are for passenger use only. Do not use while driving vehicle.

5. All the airbag (AB) systems are Supplemental Restraint Systems. All ABs (if installed) are designed to inflate only under certain conditions and in certain types of severe collisions: frontal and knee ABs typically inflate in frontal collisions; side and side curtain ABs in side collisions; Roll-Sensing Curtain ABs at a severe tilt degree, roll or lateral G-force. In all other accidents, the ABs will not inflate. To decrease the risk of injury from an inflating AB, always wear seatbelts, sit upright in the middle of the seat as far back as possible and do not lean against the door. Do not put objects in front of an AB or around the seatback. Do not use a rearward-facing child seat in any front passenger seat. The force of an inflating AB may cause serious injury or death. See your Owner’s Manual for further information/warnings.

6. Based on manufacturers’ website data, December 2015. 

7. The Pre-Collision System is designed to help reduce the crash speed and damage in certain frontal collisions only. It is not a collision-avoidance system and is not a substitute for safe and attentive driving. System effectiveness depends on many factors, such as speed, driver input and road conditions. See your Owner’s Manual for further information.